Harley Quinn Playing Cards

Harley Quinn Playing Cards
    Code: 52-368
    • This deck of DC Harley Quinn cards has 52 playing cards that feature a variety of iconic images. 
    • This deck also features official poker card sizes of: 2.5" x 3.5". Sure to spice up your next card game! 
    • DC Comics Harley Quinn playing cards features the ever-infamous Harley Quinn of the Batman/DC series in all her glory. 
    • A collection of graphic-novel artwork captures the infamous Harley Quinn during some of her famous moments as one of the best villains to ever come out of the Batman comics. 
    • Fully detailed illustrations show the raw power Quinn possesses in images that truly capture this character's intrigue.
    • This creatively illustrated card set is perfect for DC/Batman lovers and puzzlers alike as the profound Harley Quinn is shown at her best in these amazing illustrations. 
    •  With 52 different images, this set is a fan favorite and amazing tribute to the iconic villain.
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