Bob's Burgers Wrap-Around Inside Coffee Mug

Bob's Burgers Wrap-Around Inside Coffee Mug
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    • Most mugs just hold liquid. Tea, coffee, maybe a little sneaky wine if you're Linda Belcher (it's okay - she doesn't get drunk, she just has fun). But this Bob's Burgers mug has a little something extra on the inside: a picture of Bob's Burgers and its neighbors that wraps all the way around the interior! That's right, you can drown the burger shop in hot coffee if you want, and play the savior as you slowly drain the cup. Of course, you'll also be drowning the Funeral Home next door, and the "A Ton In The Oven" Big and Tall Baby Clothes store on the other side (but everyone knows THAT place won't last long). And the best part is that you don't have to feel bad about submerging your favorite characters, because the street is completely empty! The Belchers are all on the outside of the mug, safe from caffeinated harm and playing with some condiments. Turns out ketchup and mustard are dangerous in Louise's hands.
    • Holds a heaping 20 oz. helping.
    • Hand wash only.
    • Do NOT microwave
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